Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Captain Darnath Lysander

Hello dear readers. I've snapped some quick photos of my now finished Captain Darnath Lysander. These are just some quick shots with my iPhone (3GS so not such an awesome camera), I'll snap some better shots in the future. I think I will try to take new photos of all the units in my army.

Went with the classic red cape. It's both a pretty cool mini as well as a very very busy model. Tons of little details.

Which you can kind of see here. Look at the GW page to see how many little things they've ended up getting in there.

You can also see how much brighter he is than the troops. Cheap white primer, then Skull White, then two layers of diluted (see previous posts) Golden yellow. Looks awesome, best yellow I've ever done. All my 1st company is going this way from now on :) Got some Death Company that will turn into vanguard veterans, and I am itching to pick up that box of chaos space marines that will be my sternguard:)

Next up, can I magnetize a Land Raider???


  1. wow very awesome! very cool mini. I have to repeat myselft to not buy more minis everytime i see someething cool like this :P

  2. Thanks! It is very busy and kinda hard to paint but I think I pulled out some of my better skills.

    You are not the only one having issues with buying more minis before the previous ones are painted:) I have my own plastic pile of shame :)

  3. awesome yellow indeed the black base makes the yellow look brighter, excellent. keep churning out more yellow please.

  4. Thanks Woroxon! I never made the connection with the black base vs yellow mini but you are right, it hightens the contrast. I'm quite pleased with him even though he lacks the text on his scrolls and the first shoulderpad markings.

    More yellow to come. Just that I bought a pot of sunburst instead of golden yellow. Braindead! I want to use a fresh pot when airbrushing.

  5. Looking good you a good painter, keep up the great work

  6. @AmongTheWay Thanks! Just wish I had more time to paint all the nifty minis I've got :)

  7. Heya Flekkzo, long time no see.
    gotta say you've definetly improved in skill since last time i saw your stuff.


  8. @hoffen Thanks! I had a lot of really great looking minis around when I started painting and I got off to a great start. Pretty happy with my painting and I think it proves that if you just want to, anyone can paint :)

    Got any of your minis online somewhere? Would love to see what you guys are up to :)

  9. I particularly like the Fist of Dorn! Great combination of colors, I would definately try something like this if I would paint him now!

    Overall its a great model, maybe you could try some insignia on the shoulderpad, some decals that is if you are uncomfortable with freehand.

  10. Thanks Mihalis! I painted the fist white, the necron abyss, followed by several washes of Badab black and finished with a dark grey line highlight. If I'd do it again I would start with black instead of white as the blue was too bright to begging with and then maybe highlight in two stages (necron then mix in some grey).

    I really should give him a fist icon on the shoulder like the rest of my army. Must confess I forgot:) Anything fancier I should leave to a test model as I plan to play with this guy:)

  11. Do you mind if I use your finished pic in an upcoming post on my site? I'm doing a bit of a painting review (of my own work) and I want to link to this article.


  12. @Ron By all means go ahead. Let me know if you need a different angle/background. I've taken to simply use my iPhone to snap the pictures under a multiple led light. Proved to work better than my wives cheap HP camera :) Though I haven't tried that one with the led.