Sunday, May 2, 2010

Terminator test

As I have previously mentioned I have 5 assault terminators primed and ready to be painted. I wanted to paint a test terminator first though, to figure out what works and doesn't work. I did want to work in white somewhere as the first company's color is white but I think that the shoulders guards in white, well, that is too much white and white is quite hard to paint well it seems. At least for me:)

I do like how the white helmet turned out though. More rough and grimy. I did all the red details with foundation red and a black wash. Darker than what the rest of the army has, but it sets them apart which was the point.

I also tried an Ogryn Flesh wash instead of my usual Gryphonne Sepia which looked good. I do think that the legs turned out a smidge too dark though, so I am thinking of lightening it up with some yellow before I wash it next time.

Here's the guy, let me know what you think!

Oh, and I experimented with a "light box" which was just a box with the sides covered in aluminum foil and two pieces of white papers. I took more pictures but the two first I took with the flash on, and lo and behold, it was actually a lot better *with* the flash! Who would have known? We'll see what the future holds! Again, all and any suggestions are welcome. One day I will have to test a red wash on yellow to see how it turns out.


  1. On my Terminators I painted the white onto the little shield on the power fist arm and the shoulder pads in the main armor color (green for my Chapter). It's a slightly smaller area, so maybe that could be an option for you if the white shoulder pads are too much white for you.

  2. The white shoulder pads feels wrong both visually and the coverage was subpar so that didn't help. I did paint the "hip things" grey with white hard highlights which turned out better, though I might want to do all white in the same way to get it more "even".

    I really do like the idea of painting the little shield white. I just hope I can paint it in the same manner as the helmet :) I think the assault terminators have something on the shields as well which should make it more interesting. I really need to start writing down every little paint recipe I use as when you play around it gets harder to remember.

    I'm also considering using extra bright (read: white) highlights on the shoulders only to give them a whitish feel without going overboard.

    I really wish I wasn't at work right now, because I want to change those things on the test model to see how it turns out :)

  3. Looks great. I agree with the all white shoulders seeming "off" somehow. The rest is fantastic.

  4. Yes plans for the white shoulder pads are gone. :) I am contemplating to give the termies a lighter yellow than the others simply to make them stand out more. They are next in line as sson as the last assault troops are done.