Saturday, February 6, 2010

The tenth company

Darkwynn posted on BOLS about playing the tenth company. I thought that was kind of a nifty idea so I set to checking out how I would build a 1500 point tenth company army. Imperial Fists of course :)

First up six five man scout teams. Four with sniper rifles and camo cloaks, two of whom would have a heavy bolter and two with missile launcher. One would be lead by a special sergeant, i.e. Telion.

The last two scout teams would be tooled up with combat blades and power weapon plus melta bombs for their sergeants. They will fly in style in a Landspeeder Storm with Assault Cannon each.

For HQ I would take a Librarian on a bike that hooks up with one combat squad out of ten scout bikers. The sergeant gets a power fist, cluster mines and a locator beacon. Three scouts get an Astartes grenade launcher.

The scouts are guaranteed to get into trouble, so they need to be supported by six Legion of the damned marines. The Sergeant gets a power weapon and the marines have to make do with a melta gun and a multi-melta (relentless rules). Having them arrive should give any opponents the hiccups for sure:)

That's 1492 points of scout based Space Marines. I couldn't resist seeing what I could come up with. I wonder how it would play :) What do you think?

Next post should feature my Assault Marines again, they are getting closer and closer to being finished.


  1. I like this list more than the BOLS one. This seems more scout like. I ran a scout heavy list with Shrike once but was lucky not to run into any lists that were really cc based.

  2. I thought that having lots of armor and dreads defeated the theme of a scout army. I did want one hard hitting unit so that honor went to the Legion of the damned as they aren't part of the actual chapter. I was also toying with the idea of having a command squad on bikes headed by a biker captain and while kinda cool it struck me as expensive. Also not sure if you can get scout bikers to count as scoring. Would be fun though:)

    It also made sense to have five man squads instead ten man since I could get more heavy weapons in there. Just wish I could get more fast slots so I could put 2-3 Land Speeders in there too:)