Saturday, July 18, 2009

State of the Fists 2

Got all the plastic for the 1k army now. Got everything off the sprue for the new Razorback (a.k.a. II) and into little plastic bags. Cleaned out the big main parts and I am going to prime and assemble them tomorrow. And paint the interior. I have a simple interior paint scheme that is very fast to paint, and well, I don't want the inside to be just black. I know, I am craaazy :)

I also need to get the weapons done both Razorbacks and magnetize the weapons and dozer blades (got some big magnets inside to hold them, pretty neat ^_^). *phew* It takes longer to build an army than I ever thought!

I have gotten 7 "standard" marines done and the melta gun one. Only got three left after that, two lascannon marines and one captain. I think I'll remodel him to have a powerfist after all. Can't go wrong with a powerfist :) Or maybe I can? Let me know!

The craziness continues!


  1. Power fist are really the only way to go with the current mech heavy list being run around (aside from melta but we are talking about assault here)on a captain you are talking about a str 8 attack which means a 3+ on most vehicles ( remember assaults are made against rear armor which with a few obvious exceptions is around 10-11) toll roll on the damage chart.

    You think thats bad I got 60 freakin IG infantry to do,two more tanks and 3 more heavy weapons teams. lol it made me so depressed i took a break and worked on my Tau.

  2. I'm going to assemble the captain with a power fist. He's going to be camped up with the none power fist sergeant giving me a power fist in each razorback. Got no idea if that is sound tactics or insanity, but I'll play the noob card if it ends up as an epic fail :)

    Hehe, I wish you the best of luck with your painting. That's a lot of guys to paint up. You better not be as slow as me with each model coz then you are never going to be done :)