Friday, July 24, 2009

First game

Two games of Warhammer 40k played today. Basically the list I posted before (hellfire rounds did jump over to the other captain though, since I didn't have the right gun on the other one, and one razorback got the twin linked assault cannon). The first game was more of a warm up play thing. Played 2 vs 2 players in teams with a fifth player deep striking randomly in the center of one of 1/3rd of the game board. Sounds confusing? It was, but it was mostly a test thing to get going. Funny enough my team won and I lost two marines in a razorback if I recall correctly. But oh well, it was just not that proper yet.

On to the second game. 1000pts, Imperial Fists vs Chaos Space Marines. I was facing two rhinos, one squad of Berserkers, one squad of Plague Marines and a Predator. I felt that reserves was a bit too advanced for me quite yet so I deployed pretty evenly over the field with the lascannons in the corners and the razorbacks and dread in the middle.

The lascannons definitly were the starts of the show. They popped a rhino and the predator. I concentrated my guys on first the bikes and then the plague marines, whittling them down on by one. Now the start of the show was definitely the captain with the power fist who took a few turns to turn them into mince meat. By removing or suppressing his long range firepower I stayed away long enough to fire a lot of shots by be fairly unaffected by his shooting. The dread and one razorback got immobilized but continued to punish the traitors.

I won by 4 killpoints to none and I lost in total one flamer marine and one standard marine. Pretty good for a first game but I felt that this is far from my trial by fire. Never the less I got a feel for the rules in action and we'll see how it goes tomorrow.


  1. i didn't know that u r swedish lol!

  2. Sounds like you did excellently in that 2nd game, well played. If you want to email me your list : then I'll try and knock up an article discussing your Fists. Good painting, by the way. :)

  3. I ended up loosing the next game to a more experienced player. Under achiever of the weekend was my AoBR dread. Awful. Didn't hit much, didn't fight much, died a lot. Got an ironclad box now that might just turn into a proper dread, killing properly :)

  4. Oh, and the boltguns didn't really end up killing nearly as many troops as I had hoped for, and the CC abilities of the squads was real weak. I need harder CC for sure.

  5. well how about adding the big man Lysander himself to your list? with his bolter drill tactics it will make all bolter-esq weapons get reroll to hit so it will make them more worth while. group him up with some TH/SS termies and send them at the enemy like a bunch of fat guys over the last chili dog.