Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Space Wolves

I'm alive! I wonder how many blog posts in the history of writing on the Internet has begun that way, and ended for that matter!

But after getting rid of one gallbladder and four wisdom teeth (wisdom, get rid of them early, hurts more when you are older!) I am now back to painting again. Feast your eyes on what I am up to right now. A Space Wolves drop pod (the first of many, many drop pods!).

I find it hard to decide what colors I should use on a model. I had specific issues with the colors on the fins. Ended up being gold:)


  1. good to hear from you again my friend, missing you a lot here. good progress btw.

  2. Good to be back:) Now I just have to get into reading blogs again as well, to see what everyone else is up to!

    And as far as progress goes, still a LOT of unpainted miniatures on sprues around the "hobby room" :)