Sunday, May 6, 2012

New paints

White base (on a white primer), Casandora Yellow all over the model, Ceramite White highlight, and to finish it up Lamenters Yellow all over again. That's my new yellow "recipe". Doesn't get any easier to paint yellow as far as I am concerned!

Tried out a few of the other new paints and I am pretty happy with them in general. Used some old ones too. So a mix so to speak:)

It's the metal stern guard with a metal Imperial Fists backpack. In the future I will avoid metal models like the plague. They are terribly to work with for me.

I have no idea of how to add anything to the pauldrons. It's hard to enough to freehand normally, and with all that gunk on them…

Opinions more than welcome!


  1. Nice recipe, I will have to give it a go for my bad moon orks when I get around to it hehe. I also hate metal miniatures, made my sternguard out of normal marines and grey knight bits.

  2. I have a set of 10 sternguard that I am building from Chaos Marine bits (scraping off chaos like stuff) with some added bits from here and there (blood angel and space wolves bits for instance). Think I'm going to order 10 IF backbacks as well.

    For Bad Moon Orks I, personally, would want a brighter yellow. Consider white base, wash, drybrush of white, yellow glaze, white highlights. Almost the same except the drybrush and keeping the highlights yellow:) The brighter the better. WAAAGH!

  3. oh, I thought I was supposed to do it darker. damn brightness setting on my monitor. I will have to buy this yellow glaze.

    WAAAGH to you too good sir.

  4. GW used to have a yellow color called Bad Moon Yellow that was brighter than the other two yellows. They didn't reintroduce it with the new paints.

    The key to really bright yellows is still to start with white :)