Friday, May 20, 2011

Calling the hivemind, I need feedback!

While waiting for the Vespid to dry I gave the tiger stripes a go on the turret. So I need opinions and feedback. How does this look? I am unsure of how to add depth, as any wash over white will stain it quite a bit. I am intending to slather Devlan Mud on the tracks and use some pluck foam to give it some extra weathering (grey and paint in some metal in some of the spots) plus some mud color (I am more than happy for tips on which GW brown to use for that!) low down on the tank. Will that be enough?

Any adventure with weathering powders will happen in the future. It sounds real cool, but I don't have any at arms length to try them out I'm afraid :/

Just the other side.

Let the opinions flow!


  1. I really like the tiger stripes here, very nice!

    In terms of weathering, you might want to try an Imperial Armour Masterclass technique that i use on nearly every model i have now! Check out the link below for a tutorial.

    The benifit of this type of weathering (especially with the oil paint and the white spirit) is that you'll only really get shading where you want it-in the recesses and rivets. It wont stain your tank hull as bad as the washes will.

  2. nice looking job, I hope that you get a nide weathering on it.

  3. @The GunGrave That is one very very cool looking Valkyrie you have there. At first I really didn't think of trying out oil paints, but now I am seriously thinking of giving it a go. A few colors should be enough and do quite a bit of difference. I especially like the streaking effect that it makes possible.

    The only think I feel a bit iffy about is airbrushing white spirit. I do wonder if there are any alternatives that would be even less hazardous. Partly for me, and partly because we keep our pets (4 curious little rats) in the same room. In a cage if anyone was conjuring up images of them roaming free:) Although we let them out on a separate table with some toys on it.

    The rats are also the reason I plan on starting a Skaven army :)

  4. @woroxon Thanks! I think I really do need to get at least some more weathering in there, as it really looks too flat this way. Maybe I will go buy some oil paint after all :)