Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Librarian WIP

I felt that I wanted to give a librarian a go. For just 40 points I can suit him up in Terminator armor and a storm shield. Which should at least give him a fighting chance when the bullets starts to fly :) So I bought a libby in terminator armor and gave him a shield.

My initial opinion on finecast stands. Awesome material, really nice to work with, and Games Workshop has a quality assurance issue that is very severe. The damn thing looked like a swiss cheese before I whipped out the green stuff and knife. I think that I, as a GW customer, deserve better than that. I pay for what is usually a great product, but with finecast that isn't the case. I don't want to call and complain after I've bought their product, not ever time. I really hope it changes in the future.

That sad part done with I put the brush to the miniature. Enchanted Blue for the blue, and well, I'll let the WIPs speak for themselves :)

The force weapon is electrical! :)

The shield turned out pretty nice, so did the crux terminatus.

Full frontal :) He's not glued onto the base yet so I can still easily paint the base. Going to put on some of my special mix on it as well (Brita filter contents).

More is on it's way :)


  1. The base looks promising, the yellow I think that doesn't match but is too early to tell.

  2. The yellow needs a few more layers to get a better coverage, and then some highlights (bleached bone). The one place it looks a bit off to me is the back of the shield, but other than that I like it. But I am double biased since I play Imperial Fists and am Swedish (our flag is blue with a yellow cross:)).

    I will paint the base black and drybrush dark grey, so it should make the yellow pop a bit more as well.