Saturday, May 28, 2011

The painting weekend continues

The Vespids are taking shape. Looking at how they are painted on the box I have to say that these models really are for high end expert painters. I'm in awe of GW's 'eavy metal team!

Imp fists project. Will show a group photo when the plasma team is done :) Think I might have a ride ready for them as well. Need yet another Rhino for the upcoming all melta team :) Q is, combi melta or fist for the sergeant?

Two more shots of the Russ. The paint seems to be drying just fine. What do you guys say, think it's time to seal it with some Purity Seal and ship it off to Sam?


  1. Nice, some Imp Fists =D
    If I were to choose out of Fist or Combi Melta, I'd go Combi Melta, Fist is good in close combat but at initiative 1 hmm, I'd rather not have my tac squads in CC as it is, so I'd go with having something that would stop CC haha.

  2. I just love the tiger strip work,, the vespids are an interesting proposition.

    about the custom power fist I love it. it looks cool so far.

    but what I really like about your post is to notice how much space you have to work I just have 60cm wide by 50 and that must include the keyboard and mouse space.

    i might be tempted to post some photos of my workspace.

  3. @warflake the tacticals aren't much fun in CC, but a fist gives me the chance to deal with things like dreads getting up in my face in CC or some monstrous create. That's unless the melta and multimelta can't get it first :) We'll see how it goes against the local meta. The squad I'm panting is my all plasma squad that's meant to kill low armor and deny armor save, but at a bit more distance than the melta squad.

    @woroxon I'm trying to get the owner (Sam) of the tank to paint up one more like that. I'll see if I can succeed in that:) I'm kinda half way happy with it. I think there are better tiger stripe patterns out there.

    The kustom power fist actually isn't a power fist at all. It started out as a power fist, but it's going to end up being Vulkan's hand flamer :) I'm planning on doing all of the special characters in Imp Fist versions:)

    And yes my hobby table is nice and big:) Now I just need to organize it about a thousand times better :) I bet one can make do with a smaller space more easily if one is more organized:)

  4. Don't worry about the organization part, of it makes you happy.

    I barely have space available and my mess is not too dissimilar.

  5. The thing is, I have this nice flat large space and I end up sitting at the very edge of the table painting! Not good! So if I could just get things into better order I would be able to sit more comfortably and get better lighting. What I need is to not keep my damn paint pots in such a gigantic disarray.

    To my credit I did do some cleaning this weekend :)

  6. I'm digging the multi-colored look of your Vespid squad. Having fun with some washes, eh? ;)

  7. @Darksol I sure was:) It's painted up for a friend at the local store. He's got a black with some red Tau army. I thought his Vespid needed some color:)

    I really like the "paint it all in brighter colors and then hit it with a wash" way of painting. Might be able to take it further with oil paints :) Only got a few things against washes. It's hard to get them even over larger surfaces for me (thinking that I maybe should get a larger brush:)) and they don't work on top of yellow :)