Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lord Kaldor Draigo

Here's my finished take on a Grey Knight. Interesting but very busy model to paint, bet it's a great army for people who really like to paint and are quite good at it, just like both forms of Eldar. I think my take on it looks OK for putting on the table top. Hope the owner will enjoy fielding him:) I myself is looking forward to a few days of agony as more and more snot(lings?) is created in my nose. Hate being sick, but maybe I'll end up working on a little secret project or two :)

And from a different angle :)

Any comments?


  1. Looks good! And that model as a ton of small details, too! :)

  2. @Master Darksol All of the Grey Knights have a ton of details, everywhere :) It really requires you to plan ahead a lot. I'm happy I'm not painting a whole army of those guys :)

    Happy to see that you're back, missed your tutorials :)

  3. Nice. Looks like a fun model to paint.

    My only criticism (and it may be due to the lighting) but the skulls and scrolls on his shield look a little flat. Maybe a brown/yellow wash and a bit of highlighting to bring out some more depth on the details.

  4. @Rkik I'm really horrible at taking photos, so that's part of it:) I did give it a good Gryphonne Sepia wash, but I think that a light drybrush with bleached bone could improve it further.

    And if you paint one yourself I urge you to plan which order you need to paint it, because if you paint it in the wrong order... it gets tricky :)

  5. Awesome, seeing the detail on this model makes me want the new Necron even more!

    Hopefully they will include as many details as these guys.

    Also did you use flash? maybe try a couple of lamps instead. My pictures are terrible but I learned to not use the flash a long time ago :D

    Looks great btw

  6. I'm very much looking forward to the Necrons too. I don't expect to get anything beyond the codex really. Maybe I'll buy one or two models if they are really cool so I can paint them:) I just wish I could sell the painted ones for some extra cash to spend on... more plastic crack of course :)

    No flash, just sunlight and a bad camera. I need a lightbox and a better camera:)

  7. new rumors (5/5/2011) on dakka dakka made me squeal with joy!