Sunday, April 24, 2011

Group Photo

I gave a comment on a blog that I had "given up" trying to build a cohesive looking army. The very awesome Ron Saikowski of From the Warp fame misunderstood me, thinking that I had given up on my Imperial Fists. That couldn't be further from the truth! I did convince Ron that I am indeed continuing with the boys in yellow. Expanding them even! But I thought the whole thing was quite interesting so I thought I should make it into a post.

I have not given up on my Imperial Fists, but what I have done is "given in". I can't for the life of me match the color on them after trying so many different ways of yellow. I have learnt new things, I have tried new techniques. I experiment and the result is an army that looks a bit rag tag. It isn't cohesively based, got different types of highlights, different shades of yellow, different shading, and…

…here it is! 1500 points of yellow Imperial Fists! A bit too tooled up to get to 1500p, but still:)

Here's a closeup on the left side. We got the Assault Marines, one Tactical Squad, the Razorback, and the big man himself with his "bodyguard" of five Assault Terminators.

And on the right side we have Lysander's yellow cab, followed by the other Tactical Squad with Razorback. If you look closely you can see that the Razorbacks got both Assault Cannons and Lascannons. Still need to paint a big arrow on the Rhino hatches:)

Because there are a few things missing. I have to name all vehicles, write the names on them, put a gunner on the other Razorback, a little guy looking out the hatch on the Land Raider, Rhino hatches, and that's it. Then it's time to paint the rest of the IFs I have laying around. A quick list:

Sternguard x 5
Pedro Kantor (should I rename him?:))
Vanguard (Death Company) x 5
4th Company, VIth squad Tacticals (Plasma all the way)
Ironclad Dreadnought
Legion of the Damned

Until next time, enjoy your hobby, and give in to enjoying it rather than following something because you have to :)


  1. I got it now.
    After looking at the pics, I don't think they are as far off as you say they are.

    1. You have a painted army. I don't even have that myself.

    2. They're Imperial Fists. Just the fact that you tackled them alone should be plenty. Yellow is a hard color... don't sell yourself short.

    3. You've learned how (and improved) when it comes to painting yellow. Some people never get that far.

    I say keep on the track you're on. If you enjoy doing it this way, who cares in the end.

    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Dude, you've got a sweet army on your hands here. With the additions you've got on top this will turn out to be even better.

  3. @Ron Through the magic lens of a crappy camera and me trying to "Fix" the photo through photoshop the yellows really look a lot more consistent than what they are in real life. Plus the non-unifom basing :) The important thing though is that it isn't a complaint coming from me, but rather a reflection, and the realization that letting go and not "caring" about reproducing but rather enjoying myself and progressing, is a healthy thing for me.

    1. I have a painted army, after a *long* time. If you traverse time backwards through my blog you can find out when I started. It has been a *long long* time to get to 1500p :)

    2. I'm proud of my army, especially since I am not good at anything related to art:) I can't wait until next week Tuesday when I will bring forth my army for the first time and actually *game* with it:)

    3. Which I would never have if I had stuck to reproducing:)

    My point is that I care, and that's the important thing:) But also I hope that I make other painters think about this too, and maybe they can get a more enjoyable hobby experience.

  4. @Gyro Thanks! I'm still on my mad quest to paint the whole of 4th Company, so the next buys would be 1 Space Marine Battleforce and one Blood Angels. Should net me 25 marines, two rhinos, five death company (to bring the number to 10, these will be vanguards, modified to remove any blood drops and the likes:)) ten assault marines (8th squad, plasma equipped, and with magnetized backpacks), and some scouts (unfortunately not with sniper rifles).

    That or up to three Vindicators and up to three Predators :)