Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More dreadnaught

Some more red gold on the model now. The camera makes it look more goldy than it is though :/ Looks niftier RL. Got the first layer of yellow on as well. Took better than usual. I think that it helps making sure that the foundation color really covers well. I'm thinking of applying the sepia wash already and then go for more yellow. Probably going to go for a heavier highlight than usual as well just to try it out.

Lots of black and yellow with a little red gold. Gotta get me some more color :)

A from behind shot :)

I'm going to add some Badab black to all the metal, but I might go with some green wash on the canisters for extra niftiness. Hmm. Or what color should melta canisters be?

When I look at the base I'm wondering what I should do with it. Need to make something nifty for sure!


  1. Flekkzo. your dread is coming along rather nicely, I like the gold combination.

  2. I really like doing metals. They are easy and there are simple tricks to make it even easier. Badab black is just awesome on metal and red is great on gold. I went with blue on the canisters. Gonna see how that turned out tomorrow. Added a bunch of sepia wash and some other little things and hopefully I will finish the bright yellow highlights tomorrow. It's about time I finish this bad boy and the last of the tacticals as well as the two captains. Guess being in the us has made me slow:) Bought a land raider redeemer/crusader though:)

    I still haven't decided on what to do with the base…

  3. I find yellow photographs terribly. I blame the green pigment in the paint refracting more light...

    I think a slate grey base could serve you well on the Fists.

  4. I kinda like what i did with the bases for my tau. i used the basic basing stuff and went over the rocks with badab black wash. gives it kind of a wet earth kinda look

  5. I'm thinking of trying to put something city looking on the base. Like broken pieces of concrete or so. I might fix up my tacticals bases with some badab black and/or devlan mud as well. I really need to get my own ride so I can raid the cities for cool basing materials:)

    And it photographs very very poorly indeed :( I need a better camera. No idea what to get though as what I will use it for will basically just be taking photographs of minis:)

    Have some updates to the dread not yet photographed. Will wait with pictures until all of the edges are highlighted with yellow, which should be soon:)

  6. Great to see some fellow fists coming to play =]

    I had the same problem. Spent ages trying to find some fist assault marines to no luck... So I just dived straight into it.

    Pretty happy with the results so far. 5th company look more angry and I'm thinking of throwing in some sternguard "ordos xenos deathwatch" for some fun conversions =]

    Just gotta polish of some freehand and they're done!

    Thanks for the post =] I'll hopefully have some more up soon.

  7. If you turn back time on my blog you'll find some tactical marines painted in 5th company colors. I am painting up my assault guys as 4th company. I was considering several different companies but I wanted to give green a chance. If it turns out I might paint up a captain and command squad as 4th as well. My termies will be 1st company to go with Lysander.

    But first I should finish my Blood Angel terminator sergeant and my IP dread. Got a huge paint queue:)

  8. Holy Yellow Batman!

    Did this thing ever get finished?

  9. Hehe, it isn't nearly as yellow in real life I'm afraid :) A better camera is definitely on my wishlist. That and a better place to photo the minis.

    It's almost finished. What is left is basing (simple), decals, and texts (on the little banners). Then my first dreadnought (I realized that I misspelled the subject) will be done. I will make sure I post photos.