Thursday, December 3, 2009

Working on my Assault Marines

Hi readers of my blog. It's yellow time again, this time with two different Assault Marines that I've given some attention. Again poor pictures but at least there are pictures :)

I based one of the guys in Tausept Ochra, then added some Sepia in select places, followed by a mix of Iyanden Darksun and then "darker" of GW's two yellows. Turned out pretty good thus far, and faster than I thought it would be. I will follow it with just yellow and then start to highlight and all that jazz.

The other boy I just washed in Gryphonne Sepia. I plan on giving him a ID/Yellow paint followed by yellow and then highlights. We'll see which one turns out the best. That's the guy that I haven't painted the bolt pistol on btw :)

Sorry for the odd order of the pictures btw, blogger has one seriously awful interface for uploading pictures. And darn it, I gotta raid the wife's camera next time it is time for pictures. Also I need to go lighter on the skull whiter primer, damn it cakes. Maybe it is too darn cold here in Minnesota... I will put another 5 assaulties together and paint them as I think that I will go with a full Assault Marine squad and kick out my dread. I will also have power weapon sergeants and have a meltagun in both squads.

Enjoy the blurry pictures and let me know how I am doing :)


  1. They're looking good,dude! I really like how you did the assult logo on the shoulder pads.

  2. Thanks. I hope I can come up with a way to make them perfectly symmetrical somehow in the future. It was real hard! We'll see how they look when I have them painted up fully. I have to make another five as well as I will run with a full 10 man squad.

    Also probably should take a pic of my dread, think I never did take a pic of the state it is in now. Thinking of getting two long range dreads, Lascannon + autocannon, and I think I might want to get two AoBR dreads plus FW weapons. Just to be different :)

  3. Cool. I was wondering if I could get your opinion of this army idea. Remember Black Matt's green jetbike army? Well I was thinking of doing something similar to that. Instead of green I'd paint them with orange enamel paint and give them similar pinstripes to the ones that Matt did. So basicllty just badass biker eldar:)

  4. Wow. Orange is a pretty strong color. That is very bold and garanteed to draw attention. I approve! Gotta have some good secondary and tetriary colors if you go that way. I look forward to see what you come up with. Sounds real cool!

  5. Do you have any suggestions for secondary and tetriary colors?

  6. I can only suggest trying things out and looking around the Internet. I'm afraid that my grasp of color theory isn't too fantastic.

    That said I think that good old black could be cool for some details and markings, with perhaps a green or a blue as a tertiary color to make the whole thing pop. Think of the difference of painting the eyes or not. That little extra pop color makes it stand out.

    I still think that it sounds awesome. I think you should try it out at once and post pictures!

  7. i think that koko and qt and maybe bergen need to help...