Thursday, August 6, 2009

Bye bye Sweden

Time for a real life post. There won't be many, this is a miniature wargaming blog after all. I've decided to keep myself to one broad subject per blog. I am sure nobody wants to read about all the aspects of my life after all :)

This is a big one though, because this is the last evening I will spend in Sweden for some time to come, as I am moving to the US of A tomorrow. One way ticket. First Class. Immigrating. Ad astra, ad infinitum.

I'll be back blogging in a few days. Hopefully with pictures :)

Hej då Sverige!


  1. Bring back weed!lol in all seriousness welcome to the US of A boy did you decide to come here at a crappy point in time lol.

  2. Waiting for the perfect time tends to end up with one not doing anything at all:)

    At least I was let into the country:) I'm a legal alien resident. Guess I have to give my kindred aliens more time now, i.e. The Orks and Eldar.

    Now for the jetlag to die away!