Thursday, July 9, 2009

New armies

From reading the rumor mill on the blogs I've found out that the new Space Wolves codex is planned for October this year, and we already know that Retribution of Scyrah is scheduled for a September release. Let's say that this just adds to my determination of having my life fixed and set up by that time so I can get my claws on these fantastic new armies.

I dearly want a mage hunter army, and I am considering giving the Myrmidons a more green paint job to look like they belong to the rest of the hunters. And maybe make a dawnguard themed army as well. Kinda like having two factions in one :)

And the wolves, they are just so very very cool. Some might find their viking inspiration as too much, but I just find it charming. Maybe I should deck out one Blood Claw as being myself :) Lots of fun ahead!


  1. Beware Chernobyl has invaded your blog!heh

    Well regarding the space wolves, you know GW had to place a viking-esq army somewhere since they have covered more or less every other war faring genre. ( I know they have been around for quite some time) I just don't think they fit space marines as a whole that well. if you look at the other three none generic space marine armys they have some sort of zealotry in one form or another.

    Heh i guess its appropriate that I think of them as the red headed stepchild of the space marines.

  2. The Space Marines / Empire remind me very much of the Roman Catholic church. So the inquisition, the knights, the templars, the codes, the prayers, the one true god, etc fits well together as we are reminded of them from history. The flaws the Space Marines has to fight against is very original sin and the devil and all that.

    The norse mythology is a stark contrast to all that, which is probably why I like the Space Wolves. But you are right, they very much stand out :) But that is what's good about them:) Oh, and the idea of using Fenris Grey, Codex Gray, and Space Wolves Gray delights me. Question is if I am going to use Yellow as well. If I do I sure have to get a quicker way of doing it :)

    And welcome to my blog, there is ample space in the comments:)

  3. For yellow you could always start out with the foundation paint Dhneb stone and work it up from there. but since you are using grays it shouldn't be that much more difficult to build it up from that.

  4. I use Iyanden Darksun on a black primer (normal GW Chaos Black) now for my Imperial Fists. Might try to go from white instead if I do go that route for the Wolves. Or I might do my best to be sane and avoid yellow like the plaque :)

  5. Well general rule of thumb is cool colors use black primer warm use white. Thats not to say you cant do some light colors on a dark primer but they take a longer time to build up ( I add water to my paints so while it takes me more time to build up a color the paint goes on fairly smoothly) I use a dropper bottle to add water to my paints and a Q tip to add paint to my pallet. I might throw up some pics on my Blog to show how I do this once i get my camera back.

    Honestly painting is a matter of trial and error and addapting the techniques others who have forged ahead of you as a means to supplement them to your style of painting.

  6. Oh I almost forgot , I said this on another blog, when using a white primer go over the model with a wash so you can see the details easier.

  7. What I need is some hands on supervision and getting better at the basics. Remember that I have only painted since late February :) I should grab some photos of some of my Cygnar models, I think they look better than my fists to be honest.